Macha, the warrior and sex goddess of the Irish is commonly associated as an aspect of the triple goddess Morrigan. This goddess is referred as an omen of death; by possessing powers of prophecy, she can be seen by the unfortunate prey of death, washing bloody clothes by the river of the soon to be deceased. She is not only linked to ravens, but also to the land, crows, and horses. Her personality is descripted both seductive and strong warrior-like, but she also values of justice and loyalty. She is portrayed as a guide for the dead, but also can be depicted as a relative of the Banshee. Macha is seen is three myth lore’s such as the wife of Nemed, a warrior queen, and a pregnant woman forced to run a race. This Irish goddess represents the shadowy part of the human perception, by adding a dark fear of foretold death and sexual bounding magic.


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