The most ancient prestigious deity of the Celtic pagan beliefs was the astounding mother goddess Danu. She was not only known for the function of producing many gods, but also as the mother of the fairy people, the Tuatha de Dannan, as the name originally translates into “The Children of Danu”. Some consider her to be the divine source that brings forth the essence of earth, air, and water; but she is most known to represent fertility and knowledge. Danu is commonly referred to the first great mother of Ireland, giving birth to all the life in the Celtic islands, and also possesses the power of a triple goddess. She acts as the Ambassador for the elemental kingdoms, as she is knowledgeable of the Divine magic and values balance; but she also is a great inspiration of wisdom. The colors that are closely associated with her are green for the earth, blue as she is known for flowing waters, and white silver for wisdom. The animals that represent her are ones which can travel through both the sea and the land. She is also associated with the rowan tree, apple tree, and the Hawthorne tree; by which many intertwine her divine presence with all life on earth. She was greatly valued by the pagan Celtics, her identity is mentioned in literature such as The story of the Tuatha de Dannan.


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