Boann was the Irish goddess of the river Boyne, she was most attributed for creating the river from the sacred Well of Segais. Her husband Sidhe Nechtan was the god of water, and only he and his servants were allowed to approach the well of knowledge, but Boann ignored this warning and proceeded to the forbidden well. The well became violent as she circled it counter clockwise chanting “amrum” three times, the chanting caused the waters to flow from it and drown her. This event created five streams that flowed from the incident, the steams are associated with the five senses, which gave pagans a reason to became grateful towards her as she had opened that knowledge to man. She also was involved in an affair with Dagdha, causing the sun to stay placed in the sky for nine months until their child Oenghus was born. Boann’s name means white cow, she was also associated with fertility, poetry, knowledge, creativity, and spiritual insight. Her element is water, and her identity represents the stars. She is usually depicted in poems such as the Vigil at the Well.


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